Friday, November 30, 2012

An Experiment in Narrative Form

Random Idea:

Most role-playing is done in present tense, in first- and second-person narrative, at least in the case of the PCs. ("You see an eerie red light emanating from behind the throne.")

But if we could get everyone on board with using third person for PCs exclusively, players and GM, and using the past tense, what kind of psychological shift might we find in the way we play? Something like:

GM: After opening the door, they saw an eerie red light emanating from a throne at the other end of the room.

Player: Magda approached it carefully, holding her staff in front of her.

(Dice and game rule stuff happens.)

GM: Suddenly, a shadow flickered from within the red nimbus, and a creature like the shadow of a long, hungry panther leapt out at her. It clawed, but a shield of light sprung from Magda's staff, protecting her from its claws.

This could be cool. Or totally dorky. But I like the idea, for now.

cheers, Adam